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     We are one of the fastest-growing vape product manufacturers in Europe, providing a variety of nicotine products with exceptional quality and a wide range of flavours that consumers and retailers have grown to love. With more than 10 years experience in the field and satisfied customers from over 40 countries, our flexible business terms and great customer service combined with competitive prices and on-time deliveries makes us one of the leading vape product manufacturers in Northern Europe.

Pro Vape company in the world

     Currently, Pro Vape`s products are manufactured in two factories, one located in Latvia, EU (eliquids) and the other in Shenzhen, China (electronic devices). The location for the company’s production of electronic devices was not chosen by chance: In 2008, Shenzhen was selected by UNESCO as the "Creative City of Design". Shenzhen is renowned as one of the largest centers for the electronic and electrical industry in the world, including the famous Apple iPhones and iPads which are manufactured in the Chinese city. According to Tech Insider website (a division of Business Insider), Shenzhen is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world.


Uldis Petrovičs
Head Of Sales
Matīss Gailāns
Head Of Manufacturing
Diāna Kučere
Head Of Personnel
Jānis Žagars
Head Of Marketing
Lauris Aizderdzis
Warehouse Manager
Elza Dilbeka
Lead Chemical Technologist
Andris Pudāns
Lead Designer
Jolanta Jurēviča
Production Manager
Valters Feodorovs
Sales Manager
Valdis Stieģelis
Sales Manager
Kristina Puskarjova
Sales Manager
Karens Barsegjans
Sales Manager
Rolands Ezerkalns
Sales Manager
Kristaps Krauklis
Sales Manager
A timeline covering the company`s history since its foundation in 2016 to the present, providing an insight into the company’s evolution, our development and products.


ProVape company was founded by MSc in Chemistry. Motivated by previous successful research, it was decided  to create a new company ProVape, where it would be possible to continue working on new projects. Towards the end of 2016 the company was born, with its headquarters based in Riga, Latvia.

The first e-liquid

In the same year, the first e-liquid (WARRIORS™ line with six different characters and tastes) was launched.


First Trade Show, First Export Contract

Germany became home to the worlds first trade show for Pro Vape. First contract to export e-liquids to Germany was signed.


Opening of a new Manufacturing facility

To provide customers with innovative solutions, Pro Vape continues to make considerable investments in the development of new design, research and production facilities and improving the existing ones. A truly significant investment was the creation of a specialised new manufacturing facility in Riga, Latvia.


E-liquids new line: Take Mist

The product portfolio was extended when the new TAKE Mist premium vape liquids were debuted, with new fresh summer tastes.


The E-Cig Revolution: Salt Switch & Salt Switch ZERO

The latest revolution in the vaping market, that has changed everything globally: disposable e-cigarette SALT Switch & Salt Switch ZERO is launched in the market.

First representative office outside the EU

At the end of 2020, ProVape company entered the Ukranian market, opening the first representative office outside the EU - ProVape Ukraine

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